go to hell bitch

if only i could prove to you

show you why it hurts me too

give you reasons, give you doubts

give you hope, then let you down.

have you thinking all is fine

but in the night youre not just fine.

petty girls full of lust, hoping they’ll get a bust.

sending lies, pretending for guys.

teaching girls about yourself.

STD’s up your sleeve.

makes every guy want to leave.

telling boys not to worry, “its your little secret” no need to scurry.

youre nothing little girl,

grow up and be a lady. Not some girl guys say “lay me baby” too.

then the next day they’ve already left you.

its really sad i wanna be mad.

but honestly i just feel bad.

No man will love something so tainted.

by now youre basically hated.

youre reputations created

when youre hurting us, its really hurting you.

youre not worth it thats why they’re not with you.

i have respect for myself. and its EASY like you, to say.

that in the end all will turn karmas real, and bitch so am i.

fuck with me.

go eat that guy. i hope you choke, then bitch i hope you die.


pathetic is the name of the game.

if im so pathetic 

how pathetic are you 

i dont need a rerun so im destroying the tape youre a waste of time youre a waste of space. im sick of your petty mouth, grow up and maybe come to school once in awhile. youre nothing but trash and its garbage day so bitch get out of my way im about to let the big dogs out to play. 

maybe you should go back to that car garage youd finally understand what it feels like to be who you are. im not playin a game im just helpin you out. you need some help in your life and not anybody can change it now. youre all grown up but you dont know what im capable of i may not fight but if you even dare illl have you beggin and pleddin no more i swear! 

Bitch i know how to spell i know how to yell i have good grammar and im still over here, while youre in the slammer! you better pray to the lord i have a since of control because little girl you look like a trollllllll. bitch like they said in elementary school i am rubber you are glue, look tell me im pathetic so are you!


ive always had a since of humor but you have a lot of stupid jokes you even make ronald mcdonald choke. youre a pain im sane - youre a home wrecker im a hoe wrecker- youre a talker im a walker- youre a no getter im a go getter!- yorue a faker im a maker. i have lots of skills youve had lots of thirlls. if nicki minaj could see you shed write a song about you… wait she already did? “you a stupid hoe” but bitch youre worse you talk a look of shit when youre already hit.

now ive learned from my mother bitch im like no other ive got a mother like a sailor but im under cover. im a good girl i work hard to but if you keep it up ill work hard on you.

now sit right down and listen here you blow your brain cells 365 days a year. youre bearly there up there. but its okay ill be your boss and fire you one day. grow up darling youve got a lot to learn. but the deffention of pathetic is where you should start. now im just helpin you out cause’ youre not only pathetic but youre going to need a medic once im done with you. youre a sorry excuse for a girl. youre less of a lady than a lesbain, youre more of a slore hopped up on so many drugs you cant find the door.

congratulations youve passed the test your IQ is lower than all the rest. have a good day and remember the bigger they are the harder they fall. and bitch you ain’t no feather ill always be better<3


not the perfect two.. i thought we were..

when you kissed me that first time, i knew you were mine.

but i didnt want our last kiss to be like this..

i hate feeling like this wont be okay. im so hurt and so lost.

i dont know what really happened today..

is this going to be okay?

the rain fell on us that very special day ..

you were my love story ..

you were what i wanted..

you were so easy to be around.

my smile came perfectly together when i was with you..

ill love you forever. and think of you in the rainy weather… and hope youre okay soon too..

you were supposed to be my i do.. so i could say it too.

if i could change anything.. itd be that call i made to you we would still be okay.. as far as i knew..

youre what i wanted. that fish ill never throw back. i love you.. id take you back..

i thought we were but i guess were not..

our feelings are shot..


its hard but youre strong

i dont have to be perfect but i try. and everytime i wanna be perfect its a lie im not into name brands more into those oldies mannn ill cry myself to sleep im no barbie my tears runs down my face like its trackstars in a race. you dont have to feel alone were all there one time or another. i just feel like im under cover ill run from my fears hide my smile or smile to much ill laugh off the hurt and hurt someone else to make the pain go away none of that is ok its unhealthly like having the flu but im not going to get blue from telling you im alone but im surronded im fake beacuse i hide the fact i wanna cry every day. im a human i feel trapped i cant move forward and i wont move back i feel guilty i feel lost i feel terrified im not my boss i cant help me i cant fly i cant get away i wont die i wont dream of this same day in my dreams all of this is far far away. i am happy truly loved hoping for a life of fun but in reality im lost. trapped. hurt and scared. i dont feel like im going to go anywhere i hope ill have a time to cope ill live through this but its not a joke i cant hide this i cant lie i cant hurt my self by hiding why i want to cry. im so confused and i want to be known i want to be happy not alone. isolation is the fear i put my self threw in this year its a trap you put yourself in, like its a block of cheese and were the mice we go running and we get sliced. its all fears we fear fear in its self so we get captured and try to find our way out im looking threw my maze hoping i dont ever get fazed ill learn soon soon enough that im strong strong enough


i know you

i know all your secrects

i know all your fears 

were not just peers weve been friends for years

ive told you my secrets 

ive told my doubts 

ive shared my hopes 

and now theres one thing i have to live without. 

i have to walk alone. retell my story. its not good that youre history. 

i need that rock. that shoulder. that hope. the security. i need help to cope. 

you have a big part in my life weither you know it but right about now im going to show it.

youre amazing. and loud. crazy, profound. strong and real careful and and….

youre my rock my hope my dreams my life my secrets my lies my truths my courage, my proof. youre a sun a moon a cloud a room a drop of rain youre my hurt my happiness my smile my laughs my tears my hope and i hope you arent my past. 

youre my bestfriend forever til the end. we made that promise and im still standing strong threw rain the strom the hurricane. youre worth my bridges falling down. youre worth the pain ive found. but now i ask can you trust me ive never doubted or disbelieved. that i couldnt come to you, for anything. so never shout patrick and ill never shout sandy and well never shout never but always shout friends forever.


its a little thing called love. and id be lost without it.

you know i love you

i love everything thats there

everything about you. down to your short hair(:

youre my heart my life and my ways you know how to make me smile you know how to change my bad days. youre my bestfriend. and i dont know where id be. if i wasnt told you liked me by some little birdie.

now you probably think im bluffing. when i say this dear. i want you in my life for years and years and years. you show me i am special and right me when im wrong. you helped me find my courage. i lost apon the road. you help me up when i am down you help me stay strong and proud and i dont know where id be if i didnt have you baby. i think ive found the one i cant live without. im in love with you. the way you smile. and hold me close. how you show me im  the one you chose.. i think if i lost you id be lost myself. i wouldnt know what to do youre the one i care for most.<3 ive realized i cant change a thing but why would i youre amazing. now dont get me wrong youre my sappy love song. i love you. dont forget it. because id be lost without you.


you look like you just lost your bestfriend…

i did nothing to deserve this. my heart aches from the pain. i lost my bestfriend. now theres nothing to gain. you say its awkward i say its different you say its difficult. i say its wrong. tears fall as i try to understand. they fall on to my lap as i think about a plan. but if im not even worth talking to… how are you worth my time? how is this ok? how is this fault all just mine? now this comes down to something.. and you say youre fine.. but i cant stand sitting here wondering how i let this pass my mind.. i was your bestfriend, you were mine.. and now im stuck wondering and im running out of time…


its as if you dont hear a word i say. but you lilsten anyway <3

it doesnt matter how many times i say i dont like it how many times i try i tell you i dont like it.

but you do it more and more.

its a bad habbit, something i just hate.

but you still do it. thats great…

if it wasnt so much so often and for no reason

i dont think id be so sad

but its done.. i guess to bad..


You tell me that Things won’t change As I say I’ll get used to it You make me a promise That I don’t need to But your breaking it And I’m okay with it I’ll be fine I did it before I already been through this door It just never close behind my back But I don’t know what to say because When I don’t talk to you it ruins my day But have fun go ahead play Because 1 day You will choose To either win or lose Right now the judges are quite confused My emotions are being abused So pick do you want to win? or lose?


No means no

When will you believe trust see. Because your opinion means the world to me I cry each time you ask so much that I feel like I’m shattering glass I’m not picture perfect but I wont lie to you ask me once and ill tell you the truth it’s not in me to lie when we can get proof my tears hit the ground like a hurricane hitting a town so fast they flow off my face long lost cannot be traced I cry to prove I tell the truth this kind of lie isn’t a lie Id want it to prove to you I’m always honestAnd trust me when I say take me now today then you’ll know I won’t lie to you because when I say no I mean no and it’s like I’m glass you see through me so why try to fog your view of my internal beauty


teddy bear

does he even know .. realize? see.. what he truly means to me. its alot of mushing cute smiles silly awkward laughs butterflies and holding hands dreams that can turn into nightmares but true life gives you the best sight because the spot light is always on you theres things you share and some how you always do the trust is there to tell eachother everything and if you do then you know he really cares then you have that one special teddy bear<3 and you know its what you need at night since hes not there to cuddle and hold that teddy bearprotects you from the bold cold and when you do you feel a warmth in side as if his body was right beside the cold is gone in just a flash the kind you get for a picture to last you treasure those moments as if they ment the world because in that moment its worth more than the world. that teddy bear that keeps you warm the hands you hold more and more he will be that person who holds you tight when you get a fright the one who knows youre there and knows you will will always care he is that special caring loving teddy bear<33



you push me.

to close to the edge

the edge of a mountain.

where i fall but never hit the ground.

and in this nightmare i see the face of you.

and the terror in my eyes.

i watch my self plunder to the earths core.

the melting lava of a volcano waiting to uproar 

the tears of the heavens falling from the clouds

and the yelling of my lord overpowering all sounds.

i pray to be with him. in a world so crystal clean.

this is a world of people who are cruel and mean.

my place is still here but heaven awaits for one of their angels 

will be soon on there way. on a day of judement. dont lose the meaning of life.

because life is a sea you are the ocean we’re the waves and they’re the shells and we all have problems those problems are sand because theres going to be billions of problems in a life lived to the fullest so think about this and live to love to the fullest.  



youre more prettier than the sun rising on a beach in mine june when little kids are playing and moms are yelling “not to deep” where the familys eat picnics bc they think its better when they eaat like that at a beach and you are also more special than the sun that rises bc if i had to choose between you and the sun i would live in darkness(:


you know i care..

i cry myself to sleep 

im dreading that i weep 

my heart is hurting more.

than it ever did before.

you mean so much to me.

and i dont want to ccry.

but when i look in to those eyes..

i ffind the horror that i hide..

i want to know youre there.

trusting is always fair..

and when you go and change 

ill cry cause your pain.

i dont like to say words.

it hard to overcome.

i have alot of fears.

and some make me want to run.

run away from so much see how much has changed and let you go back.

to your simple ways..

i care about you, more than you will know.

and i hope that you can find it in your heart to let me know.

what is going on.

and if its gonna end. 

we just began.

and this is why i cringe.

talk to me, speak to me, lie to me, love me.

tell me the truth. will you ever tell me?

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